An Approach to
The Priest-King's Governance
for His Ecclesia:

How to Duly Establish & Organize a
Formal & Permanent Society

Free Introductory Version 1.1

  An Approach to The Priest-King's Governance for His Ecclesia is a treatise and manual for duly establishing and organizing local ecclesias by our Priest-King's authority and command. It offers a comprehensive model-vessel for His people to perfect the noble and necessary endeavor of ministering His fully-functional, ecclesial state, government and society of believers.
   The most local government is the kingdom within you. The kingdom is at hand because it's within you to do. Why not have a fresh look at healthy, pro-government problem-solving?
   Though it's written for kingdom scholars and family educators, it's especially for like-minded people which truly seek to come out from among them and be separate. It's intended for His ecclesia ('called-out' ones), which choose to repent of their societal fornication and idolatry in favor of man-kings and return to their Father-King.
  Because His 'put-away-in-punishment' people ought remember to "do all things decently and in order" and follow after the order of the Priest-King of righteousness and peace, this book is not intended to incite or imply any act of terror, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or sedition against man-kings -- Yea, not even a breach of peace. Yet, His ecclesia ought not fear any man-king because it was their Father which hardened Pharaoh's heart.
  And, such endeavor ought not be by the arm-of-the-flesh; but, to be victorious and overcome, it must be by the Father's Spirit in His Son for His glory and name's sake. May His Spirit lead His faithful people to repent and return to their rightful place under His sole & exclusive sovereignty, and abide in His ever-present loving-kindness. . .

  "In Christ, spiritually motivated families that diligently work the land with meekness and rectitude will naturally bear much-needed fruit. Productivity and prosperity improve and accelerate as more households work in unity of the Faith. This may result in great strength, which will be much-needed as governments that are foreign to our Priest-King inevitably fail.
  "Let His light shine upon the hilltops thru His duly-established and well-organized local ecclesias. Because when societies which are bankrupt of faith and love utterly fail, our Father's people (trapped within those societies), might repent and return unto Him, seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and embrace His faithful people that love one another as the Messiah loves them. . ." [page 13]

Free Introductory Version

An Approach to The Priest-King's Governance for His Ecclesia - Intro. Ver. 1.1 - 06-09-17.pdf

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What is an ecclesia?

Is it a people 'called-out' of the world?
Is this people called to 'go to church'?
Or, called to do much more?

For YHWH is our judge,
Yahweh is our lawgiver,
YHVH is our king; Yahshua.
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